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Points you must consider before buying a laptop - 2019 | Sri Sai Infotech

Points you must consider before buying a laptop

srisaiinfotechLaptop Repair Service CentrePoints you must consider before buying a laptop
Points you must consider before buying a laptop

Willing to buy a new laptop? Isn’t it getting hard to decide which one to buy? Of course, buying a new laptop is surely a time taking process. In return for getting satisfaction from laptops, we are spending our hard-earned money. Mostly, everyone gets confused among various laptops from various manufacturers with similar features at a particular price range. 

Many of them, research over the internet before buying laptops. The problem here is that they get unnecessary bar information that makes them lose interest while reading it. In the following article you will be guided precisely only with required information to help you buy a perfect laptop to satisfy your money spent on buying it.


The first thing to consider is the budget you are willing to spend. Based on the financial condition, one needs to fix a particular budget for buying. For example, a rich guy might fix a high budget while a poor guy might fix a low budget. Once the budget is fixed, one might search for laptops in that particular budget.

Budget for Laptop

02.Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk repair service

All of your data, documents, videos, photos, and software is stored in this Hard Disk Drive. Usually cheaper laptops come with 320 Gb capacity. However they can be replaced later with higher capacity ones ranging from 500 Gb to 1Tb capacity. To access laptops faster, laptops with SSD (Solid-State Drive) should be preferred. However, laptops with SSD are a bit expensive when compared to those having HDD. 


It is nothing but the physical memory of the computer, that speeds up the processing of system applications. For a laptop to run smooth, at least a RAM of 4 Gb is needed. However, if you need to do heavy work over the system, you might need more than 4 Gb RAM. Also among RAM types, DDR3 is preferable.

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Processor repair services Kondapur

This is a key part of a system that defines the speed of processing any task in the system. For any operation over the system to run smooth and fast, a powerful processor is needed. Intel and AMD are two processors used in popular laptops. Of these, Intel is more advanced than AMD and is expensive too. The preferable processor is Intel core i7 processor which is advanced among all other popular processors.

05.Screen type and size

Screen’s size and type also matter in buying laptops. Depending on necessity, if you are buying it to watch movies and play games, then 17 inch screen can be preferred. If you are buying for web surfing or office use, then 14-inch or 15-inch screen can be preferred. Also touch screen laptops can be preferred that increase the ease of navigation through the system.

Laptop screen size


Laptop designs

The looks and compatibility are also considered while buying a laptop. Slim and low weighing laptops are mostly considered. They enhance the portability of the laptops. Some laptops come with detachable screens which turn the laptops into tablets for temporary use. These are a bit expensive than normal designs.

07.Graphics processor

For those who love to play games and watch HD movies and videos, the graphics processing unit plays a key role in the selection of laptops. Generally Intel core processors have sufficient graphics processors. If so higher graphics processor is needed, you might go for AMD and Nvidia. Both AMD and Nvidia are discrete graphics processors.

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08.Operating system

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Selection of the operating system is also available in laptops. If you need Mac OS X then only option to go work is Apple MacBook. If you want to go with windows, you have variants like Windows 7,8,8.1and 10. The point to consider is whether the laptop had pre-installed OS or not. If you have already bought a licensed OS, then you might go for laptops with no pre-installed OS.

09.Battery capacity

As laptops are portable and mostly used outdoors, they require sufficient power backup. This is provided with battery in them. You might choose laptops with efficient battery capacity to work uninterrupted. Because low battery capacity may interrupt your work. Battery life depends on usage and maintenance of the laptop. Generally 6 celled battery is mostly found in laptops.

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Laptop brands

Brand of laptops also matters while buying a suitable laptop. It is better to opt for a popular brand for safety and warranty service. Some of the popular brands are, Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, DELL, HP, Sony, Asus, etc.. Depending on budget, choice needs to be made after considering all the above factors in buying a laptop. 

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