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Tips to improve performance of your Laptop - 2019 | Sri Sai InfoTech

Tips to improve the performance of your laptop

srisaiinfotechLaptop Repair & MaintenanceTips to improve the performance of your laptop
Tips to improve the performance of your laptop

A major problem that arises for most of the laptop users is that budget laptops along with many others, tend to reduce their performance gradually. This leads to many problems including delay in getting the work done and loss of interest towards the work.

These tips are not for single-use purpose. Because, even after following these tips, after some time the performance might again decline and these tips might be of help again and again.

01. Keep your laptop updated

Operating software like Windows come up with regular updates from the Microsoft. These updates include security patches and performance patches along with solved issues and bug fixes which are really important to maintain the performance of laptop. However, larger sizes of the files that need to be downloaded, owe to users’ ignorance towards these updates.

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To maintain a better performance of laptops, it is necessary to keep your Operating Software up-to-date. Regular updates need not be installed as soon as they roll out. You might wait for testing the stability of the updated software before installing the updates. This might avoid further issues caused due to updation of software.

02. Maintain adequate free space in hard drive

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Generally, most of the laptop users dump unnecessary data into their hard drives for temporary use and eventually forget about them. This leads to the accumulation of unnecessary data which leads to a reduction in the hard drive’s free space. Reduction in the free space, in turn, leads to reduced performance of laptops. Hence the space in the hard drive needs to be freed. We provide all such services for laptops like DELL, HP thereby increasing its performance.

There are many applications available over the internet which are useful in analyzing the hard drive and showing the unnecessary data that can be removed to free up space in it. By maintaining such free space in hard drive the performance of laptops can be improved.

03. External cleaning

Most of the users complain that their laptops are getting overheated just in a short span of its usage which is accompanied by a reduction in the performance of laptops. This generally happens when the internal components of the laptop don’t get adequate air circulation. This air circulation gets limited due to the accumulation of dust inside and outside the laptop.

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Therefore regular external cleaning of your laptop is also necessary to maintain the performance of laptops. This cleaning can be done at an authorized service center like Sri Sai Infotech by professions or at home by using laptop cleaning kits by self.

04. Buy extra protection


While maintaining the physical state of laptops is one issue, the other is the maintenance of software health. One might use freely available antivirus and antimalware software to protect their laptop. However complete protection of laptop can’t be expected by them.

Paid versions of that software include advanced features which are needed to protect the laptop. Hence buying extra protection might add on to the basic protection of your laptops.

05. Reset

This might be the last option left in order to improve the performance of laptops. This wipes off complete data from the laptops and gets it back to its initial stage. It would get to what it was when you started it for the first time ever. The OS along with each and every setting updated gets back to their original state after reset.


Any faulty settings and antiviruses / antimalware will also be completely removed from the laptops. As data is wiped off, it also frees up space in hard drive. It might take more time from a few hours to several hours to complete the reset process.

06. Hardware upgrades

Mother board cleaning

Similar to updating the software, hardware might also need to be upgraded. Evolution of technology is coming up with more and more advanced technology and hardware. Stopping back with the oldest tech and hardware is not a good choice. Sometimes complete laptop needs to be exchanged with newly upgraded ones.

While there are some other options like upgrading RAM and upgrading features. These limit the upgrade, but might surely increase your laptop’s performance. For a major performance boost, one might invest in an internal SSD while getting rid of the standard HDD.

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